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How To Become Nursing Home Administrators

Candidates that wish to become an administrator may become a nurse first. A nursing career could place them inside a nursing home facility position quickly. The facilities require a vast nursing staff to manage patient care. By completing a bachelor of nursing, the candidate becomes qualified for a career in nursing. They must complete a licensing exam at the end of their program. The following steps prepare these candidates to become nursing home administrators.

Fast-Tracking an RN Program

Candidates that are already licensed nurses have the option to fast track an RN program. They complete the program in under a year if they have completed a bachelor degree. By becoming a registered nurse, the candidate receives more experience in a medical setting. Register nurses have a greater chance of becoming an administrator for a nursing home. The candidate takes another exam to become a licensed registered nurse in the state.

Advanced Degree Programs

A master degree in health care administration also assists in landing a candidate a job as an administrator. The higher degree program provides them with more credibility in the industry. Employers may accept the program as experience. This could help the hopeful candidate acquire a job faster. Any experience they have in a medical setting could qualify them for a position in a shorter duration if they complete a master degree in health care administration.

Training for Administrators

All candidates who want to become a nursing home administrator must complete the administrator training program. They complete 1,000 hours of training to complete the program. They may work in a clinic or assisted living facility during their training. They are required to take and pass a licensing examination at the end of the program.

Assessing Experience Requirements

Nursing home facilities require five to ten years of experience for administrators. The candidate must assess the requirements for their preferred facility. They may also discuss the possibility of qualifying with a more advanced degree.

Candidates start a career as an administrator by gaining nursing experience. The nursing homes may hire nurses quickly and provide the candidate with a chance to gain further experience. This may qualify them for an administrator position at their preferred facility. Candidates who wish to become an administrator review degree programs now.