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Take Advantages of Free Medical Screenings

A non-profit hospital, which is the most common type, does not have to pay any taxes because it is set up as a charitable organization. Some are affiliated with a religious denomination, but that is not true of all non-profit hospitals. Regardless of affiliations, non-profit hospitals serve the community via education, programs accessible to everyone, and free health fairs and screenings throughout the year. Some are annual events, meetings that happen weekly or monthly, and special events centered around an important health issue. A summer health clinic that educates the public about staying hydrated, wearing sunscreen, and protecting the eyes from the sun is a perfect example. It may include free skin cancer screenings, sunglasses with the medical center name printed on them, and samples of sunscreen with different sun protection factor (SPF) ratings.

Recurring meetings can include cardiac education for heart attack and stroke survivors, a weight loss support group, or a parenting luncheon once a month. Open houses for different departments may be scheduled, especially if the department is new, has been renovated, or now includes equipment utilizing advanced technology. A themed medical day may be hosted by the hospital. People can attend to learn about nutrition and healthy eating. Free services for the event can include taking blood pressures, testing blood glucose levels, measuring body mass index (BMI), and offering healthy snacks for attendees to try. Learning about these activities that are free and open to the public can make people aware of health issues and give them a better idea of their health status. Many people who have high blood pressure, for example, do not know they have it. Ignorance about a health issue can be dangerous, which is why education is a focus of community activities.

Hospitals will post announcements regarding activities or educational opportunities on their websites, on community bulletin boards around town, and by releasing public service announcements to local radio and television stations. Another avenue to reach as many people as possible is social media pages. The sites used by a hospital are typically listed on their website. Placing those pages on favorites allows people to check often and not miss any free medical screenings. One hospital in Massachusetts utilizes as many as four social media sites. Community members can go to to learn of the upcoming events hosted by the organization.